West Street Mural
“Emilio is a young, Mexican-American boy who is the earth sign. He uses the music from his purple and blue car to spread joy, peace and love. He drives around Oakland, from corner to corner, playing music for the masses to hear, in order to touch their souls. When Emilio plays this music, all who… Read more »


Market Street Mural
“This new found power inspired Serenity to do even more to help the community. She traveled from one Oakland neighborhood to another restoring the city’s parks. As time went by other people started to take notice. They felt happier and were proud of where they lived. Since the citizens of Oakland now had pride for… Read more »


San Pablo Mural
“She’s a student at McClymonds High School and from her experiences she aspires to change others. Ja’Khi wears a shawl on her back that shows all the lives she positively impacted. Her Shawl helps her draw strength from the sun in order to change people’s lives.” “In his hand he holds books. These books teach… Read more »