West Street Mural

“Emilio is a young, Mexican-American boy who is the earth sign. He uses the music from his purple and blue car to spread joy, peace and love. He drives around Oakland, from corner to corner, playing music for the masses to hear, in order to touch their souls. When Emilio plays this music, all who hear it are lulled into peacefulness and don’t want to fight, argue or commit crimes.”


The Unveiling

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The Process

The Visionaries/Conceptual Designers

West Oakland Middle School

Ms. Thomas’ 6th and 7th Grade Classes 2013/14

Project Leads

The Art Director: David Burke

David Burke is an East Bay native and has participated in over thirty mural projects over the last ten years. He began his graduate studies in Rome, and received his M.F.A. in painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 2001. He spent most of the last decade teaching art at Saint Elizabeth High School and then Patten University in Oakland. He has exhibited his work both locally and abroad. Most recently, he was a visiting lecturer in painting at Chiang Mai University in Northern Thailand. David currently lives in Oakland. David's most recent body of work explores the intersection between the man-made and natural worlds. The paintings illustrate man’s complex and often convoluted relationship to nature and depict instances in which theses forces both compliment one another and collide in destructive ways. These works celebrate man’s desire to build, innovate and create, while acknowledging the fact that our impulse to grow and consume is eroding the ecological framework that we depend on to sustain our wasteful habits.

The Lead Artist: Javier Rocabado

Javier was born in 1959 in the city of Sucre, Bolivia and at the age of 12, he was accepted into the School of Fine Arts of La Paz, Boliva. In 1981 he left Bolivia and moved to Utah . From there he moved to Oklahoma and Texas and eventually ended up in San Francisco where he was accepted into the Academy of Art University. He graduated from the Academy of Art University in 1990 with a BFA in Painting and a BFA in Illustration. His artwork takes a critical view at current social, political and cultural issues. In his work, he engages subjects as diverse as Homosexuality, HIV/AIDS, Health Care, Military Veteran Issues, Infant Mortality, Racism and Capitalism. Among some of his more public works is a commissioned 12’x5’ mural of the Tree Graces in Vasari’s Mens’ Boutique in the San Francisco Shopping Center, a 40’x25’ commissioned mural in Russian Hill for Armax INC. Builders and Developers, and the entire altar at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in Colusa, CA. He has also illustrated children’s’ books such as The Orb and the Hourglass and video games such as Smoking Car Production’s The Last Express. He worked at the Mexican Museum and has curated many shows including QUELACO’s Art Group Exhibition for Pride in 2003 and most of the art shows at Amaru Arts Gallery in the Mission District of San Francisco of which he was also the proprietor.


  • Vanessa Agana Espinosa
  • Keena Romano
  • Lindsey Milliken
  • Dave Kim
  • Dawood (Marion) Sekhem
  • David Platford
  • Dan Bortz
  • James Shields
  • Jessica Eastburn
  • Joseph Aponte
  • Pancho Pescador
  • Shedeem Tate
  • Antonio Ramos

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